• Unit 420 B, 4th Floor, Deerfields Mall, Bahia Abu Dhabi
  • +971553999997

 TYCH The place That You Need

TYCH team



TYCH is your go-to neighborhood joint, any time, any day.


Join us for specialty coffee to pep you up in the morning, organic smoothies,

juices, and food to fuel your day, Mocktails to get your night started!


At TYCH we’re about so much more than your average cup of coffee. Our

gourmet beans make for a truly unforgettable taste experience. Alongside our

extensive menu variety of international cuisine.


We also go beyond coffee serving up hearty breakfasts including freshly fruits.

Come lunch time, choose from delicious crepes and pan-cakes, freshly tossed fruit

salads and a wide variety of healthy options. Last but certainly not least are our

dazzling array of irresistible deserts.


We also share nutritional value of each cup of delicious Probiotic Yogurt Ice Cream with the customers to encourage them to opt for yogurt ice cream over unhealthy and fattening ice-creams.


You love them, you love to hate them, you can’t live without them. Every morning, your very own cast of coffee shop characters amble into your business, bleary eyed and jonesing for their first (or fifth) hit of caffeine.


After a while, you start to notice patterns. Like the guy who’s asking questions about your new cold brew is always standing in front of your merch shelf. Or the woman who’s always ordering while on her cell phone starts to squirm if her double Americano takes more than two minutes to make.

At TYCH, great coffee is just the start of a customer’s flavour experience.


our menu has a wide array of mouth-watering delicacies from savoury to sweet.


Start your day with a freshly-baked crepe the moment with an exquisite macaron in the afternoon.


With the delicious taste you will FLY to the moon, we are sure that you will like it 🙂