• Unit 420 B, 4th Floor, Deerfields Mall, Bahia Abu Dhabi
  • +971553999997

The Yogurt & chocolate house (TYCH) is a specialist British chocolate and yogurt indulgence café offering customers a unique experience.

Our healthy menu boasts variety flavors of Italian hot chocolate, chocolate fondues, chocolate melting pots, a variety of chocolate cakes, waffles with fresh strawberries and hot chocolate sauce, mouth watering pancakes,crepe,waffle, Belgian chocolate, frozen yogurt, froyo & fresh fruit bowls with most of our products about 95% fat free, healthy for all our customers.

The quality of the products, a cutting-edge vision well supported by captivating communication as well as the passion in popularizing high-level products is only the first step when your objective is a chain of major successful projects. To give the world an Italian probiotic Yogurt Ice Cream experience that is out of the ordinary

We also share nutritional value of each cup of delicious probiotic Yogurt Ice Cream with the customers to encourage them to opt for yogurt ice cream over unhealthy and fattening ice-creams. with a number of dry fruit toppings and chocolate toppings neatly stacked in separate counters, decorating your cup of Yogurt gives you a chance to once again be a child.

With no artificial sweeteners, low calorific content and no artificial coloring, we at Yogola make sure that your affair with lartier bliss remains a guilt free delight. Tartier and juicy or chewy and crunchy, be assured every cup of Probiotic Yogurt Ice Cream serves a healthy dose of nutrients.