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Coffee shop The Yogurt & chocolate house (TYCH) is a specialist UAE chocolate and yogurt indulgence coffee shop offering customers a unique experience.

The yogurt & chocolate house (TYCH) gives the world an Italian Probiotic Yogurt Ice Cream experience that is out of the ordinary.

The yogurt & chocolate house (TYCH) is a healthy cafe providing yogurt and dark chocolate, a healthy alternative with wide variety of menus for all taste buds of your choice.

Especially with a number of dry fruit toppings and chocolate toppings that filled carefully in separate counters, In addition decorating the cup of  Yogurt gives you a chance to once again be a child. thus with no artificial sweeteners, low calorific content and no artificial coloring.



Coffee shop TYCH menu’s boasts variety flavors for example :

  1. Italian hot chocolate.
  2. Chocolate fondues.
  3. Chocolate melting pots.
  4. A variety of chocolate cakes.
  5. Waffles with fresh strawberries and hot chocolate sauce.
  6. Mouth watering pancake, Belgian chocolate and frozen yogurt.
  7. Froyo & fresh fruit bowls with most of our products about 95% fat free and healthy for all our customers.

Therefore we at Yogola make sure that your affair with tartier bliss remains a guilt free delight. Tartier and juicy or chewy and crunchy, be assured every cup of Probiotic Yogurt Ice Cream serves a healthy dose of nutrients.


NUTRITION FACTS comes from TYCH coffee shop

nutrition facts at TYCH coffee shop

PROTEINS: Yogurt is a food that you should incorporate as part of your daily food regimen.

It is a nutrient-dense food that contains protein, calcium, Vitamin D, potassium. There is 10% of protein in a serving of 100 ml Yogurt.

CARBOHYDRATES: Average carbohydrates for our Yogurt product comes to about 3.6%- 4.6% per serving of 250 ml.

CALORIES: A 100 ml serving of Yogurt usually contains 25-30 calories depending on whether it is of the non fat, low fat or regular variety. A regular serving of 250 ml of

Yogurt has approximately 200-240 calories.

FATS: Fat content is much lesser as compared to ice creams. Moreover, Probiotic Yogurt made from skimmed milk is totally fat free. If made from whole milk or low fat milk, it has less than four grams of fat in a serving of 250 ml.

Nevertheless there are some health benefits of chocolate and there are :
as considered by world health organization WHO and we for sure at coffee shop care about it

      • It can help your heart to stay healthy.chocolate fondue in TYCH coffee shop
      • Also may help improve your memory as you get older.
      • Beside that it can help you to Avoid sunburn.
      • And it can make you better at math
      • Aside from it put you in a better mood
      • help people with Alzheimer’s disease
      • can help you with your workout
      • It is very nutritious
      • low your blood pressure
      • produce more endorphin
      • otherwise it reduce pregnancy complications
      • over that it may helps with diabetes
      • moreover it help you to reduce your food cravings


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